An IRS term for a person who has died.


An amount subtracted from your taxable income for certain expenses.


The amount of taxes owed after paying too little, assessed during an audit.

Dependency Exemption

An exemption claimed for a dependent.


A child or relative whom you support and who qualifies you to take an exemption.


A deduction taken for the business use of certain items which lose value over time, such as office furniture.

Direct Deposit

When a tax refund or other payment is sent electronically to your bank account.

Direct Tax

A tax paid directly to the federal government, or to state or local governments, such as income tax and property tax.

Direct Transfer

Moving funds from one Individual Retirement Account to another.

Disaster Loss

A tax deduction taken by taxpayers who suffered the loss or damage of property during a federally declared disaster.


A stock distribution given to stockholders in the form of cash, property, services, stock rights, or more stock.