For new clients, following is an easy step wise process to receive invite, set up your account and share documents with us. Kindly Share your email address, and follow the steps as below, or call us at (214) 699-4790 for assistance.

Step 1 - Receive an Invite in your Inbox to create an account. If unable to find it, kindly search for Share file or check your bulk folder. 

Step 2 - Click on the attached link to create your account

Step 3 - If a change to your name is required, kindly make the required changes

Step 4 - Create a strong password or you can use the system generated password

Step 5 - Once logged in, kindly upload the requested documents either in the specific folder on the general folder

Step 6 - You can create subfolders in your designated account folder to organize and upload selected files to specific folders

Step 7 - It is strongly recommended to create a two factor authentication under the settings with your mobile telephone number

Step 8 - Step to add the added layer of security to your folder

Step 9- Add your phone number to receive a text whenever you try to login to your account

Step 10 - Upload files from your computer or mobile device

Step 11 - Or you can drag / drop the documents to the folder

You can view all the documents by logging in to your account at anytime, and add additional documents as and when needed. If any guidance needed, kindly call 214-699-4790 for assistance.

To E-Sign a Document, kindly follow the easy steps below:

1- Receive a notification to e-sign your document in your Inbox.

2- Review the document and create your signature

3- System would prompt you where signatures are needed

4- Sign the document

5- Submit